Personalised crowd management. You may think this is an oxymoron but it’s the future of crowd management. While organizers of events like festivals or business conventions are struggling with managing the bustle on the event, visitors themselves want personalised recommendations where the next best thing is to enjoy at that event.

Imagine you’re walking around at a festival, you just enjoyed a great concert and you want to go to the next gem. But there is to much going on and you don’t where to go. Our algorithm will give you that personal recommendation where that next gem is, based on the info you provide.

On the other hand, imagine you are the organizer. Some stages are way too crowded while other stages have crickets chirping. Your matrix signs are not working, and you want your visitors dispersed. With our tool you get a real-time map where all your visitors are, and you can give the algorithm input which places need more or less visitors. This way, you have a tool that works instead of matrix signs nobody reads.